Inspired by century-old ceramics from Portugal, this decorative ceramic tile is beautifully hand-painted on white bisque and finished with a glossy glaze. Each design includes borders, corners, large decorative tiles and accent dots. The vibrant colors in this line are perfect for pairing with natural stone, deep greens, and cobalt blue tiles. Perfect for fountains, kitchens bathrooms, risers, and floor accents.

Produced in Antigua Guatemala, every piece is authentic, hand painted and reflects the fine artistry of our skilled artisans. This is why no two pieces are exactly the same.

*Note that made-to-order pieces take roughly 4 weeks to complete as each individual piece is handmade from start to finish.

*Shipping available within United States and Canada.

High fire ceramics
Hand glaze, hand painted
Hand crafted ítem – color, size and/or motif will slightly vary